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Orange is often recognized for its vitamin and this is why it is common to consume it during breakfast. But the orange peel has many other benefits and that's why we added it in our Tea Detox morning.

The benefits of the Orange peel are:
The orange peel helps to burn fat :
The orange peel contains hesperidin. This element (type flanonoïdes) metabolizes fats in the blood and therefore contributes to fat burning. This is an excellent item that helps lower cholesterol.
The orange peel helps to reduce stomachache :
The orange peel contains pectin. Pectin is a natural fiber that helps maintain balanced level of sugar in the blood. It also contributes to help digestion and avoid constipation.
The orange peel contains vitamins :
Its high vitamin level participates in strengthening our immune system and fights against infections. The orange peel helps to prevent the flu and other colds.


In conclusion, the orange peel is an excellent element in slimming and detox diets. Therefore, it is an indispensable part of our teatox.