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The acid-alkaline diet is based on the fact that our food is too rich in animal products and unbalanced: too 
rich in protein and lacking fruit and vegetables. As it is unbalanced, it is acidifying for the body and causes it problems.
This acid-alkaline system therefore focuses on fruit and vegetables and also promotes weight loss.

The acid-alkaline diet foundation

Foods like meat and cheese have an acidifying effect on the body, however others such as fruit and vegetables have the opposite effect, known as alkalizing.
To function properly our cells need to maintain an acidity level close to neutral. The pH measures the acidity level. A level of acidity is close to neutral when the pH is approximately 7.
The acid-alkaline diet tends to restore a proper acid-base balance to the body, that the alkalizing
 foods assist with.

Classification of foods for acid-base plan

To start this diet, it is important to know and understand the acid-alkaline classification of foods. You can find this classification below:
The PRAL measures this classification. The higher the PRAL, the more acidifying the food. The lower the PRAL is under 0, the less alkalizing the food.
Parmesan cheese +34.2 Cucumber -0.8
Turkey +9.9 Broccoli -1.2
Chicken +8.7 Apple -2.2
Egg +8.1 Pineapple -2.7
Pork +7.9 Tomato -3.1
Beef +7.8 Cherries -3.6
Spaghetti +7.3 Potato -4.0
Corn flakes +6.0 Carrot -4.9
White rice +4.6 Celery -5.2
White bread +3.7 Banana -5.5
Lentils +3.5 Spinach -14
Peas +1.2 Grapes -21.0

Rules to follow on the acid-alkaline diet

Eat at least 5 portions of fruit and vegetables per day
Limit meat and fish to one portion per day
Limit cheese to one portion per day
Eat herbs and spices, which significantly reduce the PRAL of meat or fish dishes
Choose potatoes over pasta or rice

Positives of the ACID-ALKALINE Diet:

  • Limits fat and promotes intake of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants.
  • This is a diet that promotes weight loss.
  • It helps to ensure a balanced diet.