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This black tea from Guizhou Province in southern China has been chosen by us due to the fact that it is extremely rich in theine, an ingredient which will help increase your energy levels.
The garden where it is produced covers an area of 30 hectares, and 100 people work there. We chose this garden because of its excellence and its production method.

Health benefits

It is one of the most theine-rich teas. Theine increases energy levels
It contains antioxidants and helps fight aging
It promotes blood circulation and helps fight heart disease
It helps fight cholesterol and diabetes
It can aid slimming
It has a relaxing and de-stressing effect, and improves your mood
It stimulates the nervous system thanks to the methylxanthines it contains
It improves and boosts mental capacities

Black tea comes from the leaves of the tea plant. The leaf is oxidised, dried and shaped. This tea is world-renowned for its fineness and delicateness. It is an extremely high quality tea due to its very selective harvesting process, which prioritises the buds. It produces a very brightly-coloured infusion which has a soft and delicate taste.